This page contains biographical information about Friends.

These are biographical articles of some of our members and attenders, past and present.

Henry Beerits

Nancy Booth
Jane Bonny
Ethel Chouteau Dyer Chapin
Claire Darrow
Marion Halo Dwyer
Glenn Dwyer
Gertrude Elliott Espenscheid
Earnest Foust
Eleanor Goggins
Jean Harris
Peter Haviland
Ruth Kaltenback
Alice Lacy
Carolyn Miller (from Friends Journal Feb 2013)
Dorothy McCracken Ortloff
Frank Ortloff
Stanley Potter
Charlotte Ritter
Loraine Schmidt
Eberhard Schmidt
George Sparks
Barbara St. John
"Jim" George St. John
Karyl Sylken
Charles Tribby
Kirsten Tribby
Erica Mather Welter

Barbara Foust 1924-2011
Peter Haviland 1930-2013
John Lacy 1921-2013
Anna Needham 1938-2016
Claire Darrow 1935-2019
Nancy Booth 1922-2020

Memorial Minutes

Memorial minutes are recorded for deceased members and attenders. They are a way of remembering those who have been a vital part of the Meeting community in the past.

Marian Halo Dwyer 1929-1994
William Bowers 1918-2003
Chouteau Chapin 1910-2003
Pat Falkenhain Geiringer 1926-2003
Erica Mather Welter 1898-2003
Bronson Clark 1918-2004
Ruth Stanton Kaltenbach 1915-2004
Natalie Wriggins 1935-2006
Jerry Wood 1933-2006
George Sparks 1915-2008
Alice Lacy 1920-2012
Peter Haviland 1930-2013
David Cadbury 1945-2018

A Trip to Antarctica
Photos taken on a trip to Antarctica by Clair Darrow, posted 5/04

Erica Welter's memoir (pdf file)
A fascinating memoir by a beloved long-time member, who died May 24, 2003, just 9 days after her 105th birthday.